Pray for Japan

I am here in Tokyo before,at the time of,and after the disastrous earthquake.I have felt and seen the helplessness and uncertainty of it all and that makes me know that I can never fathom the true scale of suffering and pain in the thousands of life out there.But I also believe,that I can do my bit everyday to ease that cosmic pain by a little prayer.

I pray that each people out there gets to know some moment of peace,some light somewhere,a light happy moment amidst all the darkness..may they be shown the path…may they smile again…may they walk again..may they be able to stand up and move on..may God be with them and this world.

If you are here and reading this by any chance,please take a moment and pray for Japan..You may also enlist your prayer below in the comments so that someone reading it can take heart.I strongly believe that our prayers can go beyond boundaries.Lets reach those people and help their hearts heal..Lets Pray..

Thank you all..

Some imp links :

Japan Red Cross Society

Facebook : Pray for Japan


6 thoughts on “Pray for Japan

  1. Nice to see this page..
    A few lines-

    they have been tested from time to time..
    faced nature’s mercy and it’s wrath..
    the noblest of hearts have bled a lot..
    suffered through ages, once, twice and thrice..
    but this prayer goes for the wellbeing of those..
    despite the disaster who are still going strong..
    with peace, empathy, tranquility – and faith above all..
    that there is always a ray of hope .. in the mist of despair,
    to bring in the brightness after the darkness,
    thus we pray day in and out,
    May he shower his endless grace..give more strength and hope for all..

    1. Thank u so much for these lines ! I have seen,You have seen and this world has seen them be exceptionally strong and calm through all this suffering.These people have set an inspiration time and again.May they not have to bleed anymore.May their hearts heal…and as u said “May He shower his endless grace..give more strength and hope for all..”Amen.May God save this world and may man learn to befriend nature !

  2. Father God in Heaven, I ask that You watch over the people of Japan and comfort them. Send Your angels to protect them. Renew their strength and restore what they lost. Bless them always. Amen.

  3. Aame, I have been praying for the people of Japan and have been following an “Earthquake Blog” from the Tokyo area. Their strength and calmness have indeed been amazing — and also the sense of sharing among the people and lack of looting. God bless! =)

    1. Thank u so much for sharing ur thoughts and prayers and wishes here.It really means a lot ! These people here are really extra-ordinary in the way they are dealing and standing up to all the aftereffects.Ur prayers would surely reach them.God Bless U.Thank U. 🙂

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