SanVar Fotofun

Friends,your constant support and appreciation for TokyoTravels encouraged us to travel more,capture more moments and bring them  back to u as new posts consistently.This further led to discovering a whole new passion in the art of Photography and gladly me and hubby both have come to enjoy it fervently.We are keen to explore ourselves and this world more and more through the lens.My dear friends,to thank you all for leading us into this new venture,new passion..we gift you our new photoblog…@ SanVar FotoFun !!

We both are completely new into this field but are enjoying every bit of it !! I hope we would be blessed with your support and love for our new endeavor too.

Looking forward to hearing from u all….to add to “SanVar Fotofun ”

Please comment/subscribe to encourage us :) :) `Coz hearing from u all means a lot to us..always has…always will !!!

Cheers and Love,

Aame (SanVar)

P.S.  A dear friend has nominated us for the Photoblog awards.Please vote for us here if u like our snaps too 🙂 [You have to register with photoblogawards and then login to vote]

Thank You !!!

SanVar Fotofun-A SnapShot

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