Fukubukuro !

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In Japan,New year comes with loads of surprises packed in pretty bags called ‘Fukubukuro’ or ‘lucky bags’ 🙂 Generally all small and big stores set up their clearance sale and lure everyone…men,women,kids alike with their varieties of Fukubukuro.

The term is formed from Japanese fuku (福, good fortune/luck) and fukuro (袋, bag). The change of fukuro to bukuro is the phenomenon known as rendaku. The fuku comes from the Japanese saying that “there is fortune in leftovers” (残り物には福がある). 

These are mystery bags full of goodies worth about 3-5 times the actual money paid.So for example, if one buys a Fukuburo of say 3000¥ then one can expect gifts worth 10,ooo-15,ooo¥ inside.Generally these are for sale on Jan 2nd as most shops remain closed on the 1st day of the year..while most of the major department stores have a clearance sale spanning the first week atleast and keep up the Fukuburo till stocks last.So one can imagine what a shopping spree it turns out to be 😉

This 2nd Jan we went to the famous Takeshita Dori for Fukuburo shopping and it was so so crowded that one could hardly take a step forward and going to the shop on the other side of the lane was next to impossible.Here are a few hurried shots…


Stuffed with goodies…u can have the suitcase too 😉

Now to show u some more examples,let me share with u the Fukuburos we got home this year 🙂 🙂

Headset, iPod touch cover, funky glasses, torch, card case, scarf, bands, magnets, wristwatch and more..all for just 770¥
Best deal from Adidas,Ito Yokado store,Oimachi..2 track suits,a pair of track pants,socks,towel,gloves and bag,all worth 30k¥ in a 10k¥ fukubukuro !
‘Minnie and friends’ flask,mug,lunchbox,cushion and other goodies for ‘50% off’ on 2000¥ priced fukubukuro..

Hoping this New Year brings lots of good surprises for us all 🙂 🙂 Cheers !!


7 thoughts on “Fukubukuro !

  1. Firstly, need to visit Japan sometime 🙂 Hopefully. Then, can buy a Fukubukuro 😀 Maybe find some nice music and writing stuff inside. Hehehe.. Nice pictures, Aame… 🙂

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