“Happy New Year” @Zojoji Temple

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HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!! Wishing lots of happiness,best of health and good tidings all year through for you all my dear friends and family…

Here in Japan(as in India too)most people visit shrines and temples on dawn of the new year.So this time we decided to visit the famous Zojoji temple to greet the New Year with prayers and hope amidst lots of  happy wishes,love,excitement and guess what…balloons !!! Yes,at this temple the countdown is marked by 3000 balloons carrying prayers/wishes being flown off  at the very first moment of the New Year.It was simply such an amazing sight and feeling !!!

Zojoji temple is a Buddhist Temple built in 1393 and moved to its present location,in Shiba,near Tokyo Tower in 1598.Most of the temple had suffered damage in the World War II and have been reconstructed except the main entrance gate, the Sengedatsumon (San=three , Gedatsu=Moksha).It is believed that passing through this gate one can free oneself of the three passions greed,hatred and foolishness.

We reached the temple by 8pm and were awestruck with the glorious view..

The whole atmosphere was buzzing with festive fervor with rows of  beautiful lamps,food stalls and lots of excited people.All were rushing towards the counter for balloons.Only 3000 balloons could be offered on first come first serve basis and the distribution was to start at 8.30pm but even by the time we reached at 8 pm all balloons were already taken.Later we came to know the distribution had started by 6pm itself and already there were much more than 3000 people queued up for those.

Initially this led to lots of confused faces and frowns but later on as the festivities caught up one could feel the happiness in wishing for others…in wishing that the prayers carried by all those 3000 balloons and of all the people gathered there and for that matter of all humanity comes true.. 🙂 🙂

We then ventured into the temple grounds and entered the main hall to offer our prayers to the Lord.The Enormous Glorious Golden  Buddha mesmerized us completely.The whole air was so sacred,calm and divine overwhelming our senses.The beautiful golden sheen,the aroma of the incense,the surreal calmness had a healing power to soothe any troubled mind and calm every restless heart.

After a good amount of time inside we came out to have a look around the whole area all donned up for the occasion..here are a few glimpses of the night..

The Lights...
Hubby enjoying the free hug 🙂
...have bucketful of ur favorite candies !
we got our share too 🙂 🙂
Banana popsicles
Sweet Corn !
Okonomiyaki,Yaki Soba,hot dogs and lots more...
...and here come the balloon people !
A prayer 🙂
The lights went off to signal the countdown..

The Countdown…

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!

New Year Tokyo Tower

Right after a loud cheery welcome to the new year..the whole mass of people surged ahead slowly to pay their homage to the Lord with the first prayers of and for the New Year…

After greeting the Lord at the main hall we followed the crowd into another prayer hall at the side,wherein there were some special prayers going on and only people who had applied earlier were allowed unto the altar..

Thereafter roaming the temple grounds we came across a place with rows of these small statues with colorful windmills..

Later we learned they are the “Jizo” the guardian God of children who were still-born or who left this world earlier.Families offer toys and prayers for their children to be happy in the afterlives.The thought itself is so saddening but somehow there is this faith and hope about it all…and this place itself seems cheery like all children playing there…giggling there with their toys and windmills.May they all keep giggling wherever they are.

Children of God

Following the adjacent road we reached the dazzling Tokyo Tower studded in diamond-lights wishing everyone a Happy 2012.

Tokyo Tower
Illuminations at Tokyo Tower

We spent quite sometime inside the main observatory of the tower @150mts,enjoying a 360 deg view of the Tokyo nightlife and honing our photography skills…The two snaps below are taken by hubby after much experimenting and we were thrilled with the outcome 🙂 🙂

Tokyo Night view
The Rainbow Bridge
Inside the Tokyo Tower main observatory
A Cute Tokyo Tower 🙂 🙂
A girl enjoying the love lights 🙂 🙂

HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS !!!!!!!!!! Lots of love and best wishes for this year and ever !!!!





This post is part of  J-Festa January 2012 theme “Winter in Japan”at Japingu.


15 thoughts on ““Happy New Year” @Zojoji Temple

    1. Thank u so much Cecelia ! Glad u liked them…of late we have been working on our photography skills 😉
      So nice to hear from u after so long !!!! 🙂 🙂
      Have a great day !

  1. Hello. Nice to meet you.
    I am the man who did free hugs in jojoji in Japan haha.
    We were equal place
    I am pleased to find this posting
    I am placed left the photo ^^

    1. OMG !!!! I am so thrilled right now as i read this !!! World is a small place indeed !!! Thank you so much for finding us and reaching out to us !!! It brings so much joy really !!! We had really enjoyed the free-hug and it would always remain memorable for us ! It was the first time ever we did that 🙂 Thanks to you and your friend ! Am sorry though i couldn’t take a better picture in the rush ! But am so glad to hear from you !!! Thanks so much !!! Hope to keep hearing from you here quite often and am subscribing to your English blog right away !!! Thanks so so much !!! Best wishes !! Cheers !

  2. ^^ Thank you for posting a this article.
    i was happy when i saw it.
    when i just bored, i entered the word “jojoji freehugs 2012 countdown” and then It was possible to find this page. haha,
    We are not japanese. We are korean University. my friend mojors Computer Sceince. and i mojors Electronic Engineering.
    I am wondering to be your facebook friend. ^^
    and please visit my blog made of WordPress .
    the address is http://david.mycamp.kr .
    english blog isn’t opended. and korean blog and japanese blog are opening.
    There are some pictures about jojoji temple freehugs in 2012 first Jan.
    haha Thank you ^^

    1. Hey David nice to know more about you 🙂 I don’t understand Korean or all of Japanese so have subscribed to your English blog 🙂 Hope you post there often too ! And i loved the introduction at your blog page ! I can sure add you to FB.Please share your id here. Nice to know u ! Thanks ! Cheers !

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