I love bangles and i love this shot :) :)

Namaste India 2011

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Staying away from home,we could no way have missed the annual Indian festival “Namaste India” here in Tokyo.This year it was held on 24th and 25th of Sept at the same venue as last year.Please check my post “Namaste India 2010” for the details🙂🙂 The buzzing atmosphere rich in culture and the many luscious food apart what i tried to capture this time were the ‘Colours of India’…my favorite part !!! Hope u enjoy🙂🙂

...as the banner suggests !
Lord Ganesha...my ever friend🙂🙂

Music and Masti !
The Taj Mahal enticing Japanese kiddos..
Buddham Sharanam Gacchami..

Colorful embellished skirts
Sand Art depicting Lord Ganesha..
Gandhiji's Charkha !
Traditional items used during prayer rituals..
Japanese woman dressing up in a Saree..

How lovely !
So many to choose from😉
I love bangles and i love this shot🙂🙂
Gorgeous footwear !
Spoiled for choice😉

More colors🙂🙂
Under the watchful eyes of the ChakaDola,our Lord Jagannath🙂🙂
More Handicrafts🙂🙂
Indo-Japanese love..wrapped in sarees !
Time for some yummy food !
Of kebabs and more...
Kebabs,Chole bhature,Samosas,Chicken Kathi roll,Chicken 65,Bread pakora followed by Gazar ka halwa and Malai kulfi !! What a YUMMY lunch !!🙂🙂
Roads lined with people enjoying the festival and relishing Indian food🙂🙂 SHUKRIYA,NAMASTE !!!!

12 thoughts on “Namaste India 2011

  1. Sare Jahan Se Achha Hindustan Hamara !!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible India…..
    One can take me and you out of India but none can take India out of us !!!🙂

    1. Hey nice to hear from u here🙂 Glad that u read and shared ur thoughts🙂 Yea the Japanese women were super-excited wearing sarees..i even took a single portrait snap of a lovely girl🙂🙂

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