Kawazu Nanadaru

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Kawazu is a small town in southeastern Izu and its known for the “Kawazu Nanadaru”,the “Seven Waterfalls” hidden in the mountains above the town.We made a short trip to this awesome abode of nature on our way back from Shimoda.It’s about 20-25 mins on bus from the Kawazu station and there are actually two stops where one can alight for these waterfalls.As advised by the lady on the info centre at shimoda,we alighted at the latter stop and walked the way downhill through the woods and waterfalls 🙂 🙂 Here’s sharing with u the lush greens,the mysterious woods and the elated springs this lovely place had to offer…

The first Impression...woooooooooow !!
The mysterious woods
The 1st Waterfall

The 2nd waterfall

The 3rd Waterfall
The 4th Waterfall

The 5th Waterfall
Statues depicting the heroine of the short story 'Izu no Odoriko’ (The Izu Dancer),one of the many short stories written by the famous Nobel Laureate Kawabata Yasunari

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