Izu-Oshima !

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This summer we, alongwith 2 of our good friends,had been to Izu-Oshima which is the largest of the 7 Izu islands, lying about 1o0km  south of Tokyo.It is well-connected to the mainland through flights and ferries.The Tokai Kisen ferries are the preferred choice to get a feel of the huge Pacific.It takes about 2hrs on the jet-ferries or about 5 hrs on a passenger ship which feels nothing less than a cruise 🙂

A Jet-Ferry seen on our way
The Passenger ship

A feel of the huge Pacific…

Approaching the island
Alighting at Okata Port from our Rainbow Jet-Ferry

Oshima has two important ports, the Okata Port and the Motomachi Port.We had planned our itinerary wrt latter but as we found out later our ferry was actually bound for the Okata Port.So,on reaching the same we took the bus for the Motomachi port so that we didn’t have to waste any time re-planning everything.We were there in about 15 mins.

A view from the Motomachi Port

Oshima is famous for the volcano Mt.Mihara (referred in Godzilla ;)) and its lovely beaches.We had mostly planned for the beach and camping for the night.So we first left our big bag-packs at the Port information center and walked towards the Kobohama beach, a 10 mins walk from the port.

Yachts en-route the beach
En-route the beach
At the Kobo-hama Beach

Beach fun

After an amazing 5 hrs of beach fun and frolic we set off for our camp Umi no FurusatoMura Campjo .The website being in Japanese we used Chrome for our rescue but still were quite clueless about many a thing as this was to be our first camping experience.But thanks to one of hubby’s  friend who can speak Japanese pretty well,we could get most of our queries answered over phone.As confirmed,there was a shuttle bus waiting for us at the Oshima-koen stop.On reaching the camp we were welcomed by this lovely lady Yoko-san at the reception.

Yoko-san at the camp's reception

She provided us with the basic rental supplies of firewood,cutlery,mats and showed us the way to our decked-tents.The views and the location and the breeze everything was just marvelous and aame-zing 😉 Take a happy tour for urself… 🙂 🙂

The Camp Lodges
Campfire site

Our Deck-Tent

Yummy French Fries made by our friends wraps up the memories 🙂 🙂


P.S. Some of the snaps are contributed by our friend Simmy 🙂 Thanks dear 🙂


8 thoughts on “Izu-Oshima !

  1. loved you info. we just moved to Japan from Texas. Want good snorking. Is this a good place for this? We live at Yokota Air Base. Any ideas you have will be glad to have! Don’t want to leave with a list of things we WISHED we did! 🙂

    1. Wow that’s great to know ! We did see many people enjoying snorkeling at the Kobo-hama beach we visited.This indeed would be a great option !
      Also u can enjoy snorkeling and scuba-diving at Atami,Izu,Okinawa too.I found a few lists for you to get started with.

      Hope that helps in some little way atleast 🙂

      Thank you so much for stopping by and considering me for ur query 🙂 Hope you have a great time !!

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