Hanabi 2011 !

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Hanabi or the fireworks summer festival of Japan is held at many places in and around Tokyo every year on the last weekend of July.But this year due to the great earthquake, most programmes were cancelled and only the biggest show over the Sumida river was held after being postponed to the last weekend of August.

Having been missing the festival of lights ‘Diwali’ back home for a couple of years now,we were excited to participate in the Japanese way of fireworks celebration.The show was scheduled to start at 7.30pm and we reached just in time to follow the fast growing crowd leading us to the venue.There were many food stalls lined up along the roads vending all sorts of treats..and we could also see people huddling and taking their spots in between lanes and alongside buildings while the majority ‘train’ed ahead.Soon we reached the first bridge across the Sumida River and were super-excited to find a place on the bridge overlooking the Tokyo Sky Tree tower,enlisted among the tallest towers of the world.

Tokyo SKY TREE tower

We could see the second bridge across and a kind of platform in the river most probably for shooting the fireworks.

Just as we were settling down to some snacks with the atmosphere buzzing up with excitement, some guards came along and informed all the people politely that standing on the bridge was not allowed.We then joined the crowd in forming rows on the road itself and as we understood later,we could watch the fireworks display only by walking across the bridge on the road; later we could know why,after seeing the huge mass of people gathering for the event.

Crowd ahead of us 🙂
Crowd behind us !

Most of the people were seen dressed in traditional Yukatas (summer kimonos made of cotton) and the whole air was all charged up with excited murmurs which transformed into jubilant shouts with these shots…

And here are a few videos to share the real-time fun and fervour 🙂 🙂 Hope u Enjoy !!

After we had crossed the bridge we headed for the nearest train station,veering our way in and out of lanes filled with the crowd,all settled for the night with drinks and meal.The party had just begun !

 This post is part of  September 2011 J-Festa “Events in Japan” at Japingu.


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