Takeshita Dori,Harajuku

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Takeshita Dori is the fashion street at Harajuku in Tokyo.The Harajuku station lies in between the popular Shibuya and Shinjuku areas and is known for the trendy teenage fashion of Tokyo ! Taking the ‘Takeshita Exit’ one reaches straight in front of this bustling street.Once across the road the first view itself is overwhelming with the brimming crowd that hints at the popularity of this place.

A closer look..

Now let’s see ‘what’s in store’  😉

Look who’s watching !!!

A major attraction when we visit Harajuku is the Daiso, the big 100 yen shop where every item is priced just that.And it covers all basic things starting from garments, accessories and cosmetics to snacks,stationery,gardening,toys,DIY stuff, gifts, and stuff for kitchen, living, bath everything ! So, it’s a definite stop-over 🙂

Some more fashion shopping !

Now this can make anyone hungry…

But we always walk a few steps ahead to relish our favourite shrimp burger at Lotteria !

After a sumptous meal,we walked out of the street and turned right to head towards the station the other way…and it was a lovely evening walk with these views 😉

Even the Harajuku station makes a statement !!


23 thoughts on “Takeshita Dori,Harajuku

    1. Oh 20 yrs is a long time ! 🙂 The place indeed is quite popular and almost always crowded !
      But it’s fun visiting 😉
      Nice to hear from u ! Have a great day !

    1. Oh that’s a nice co-incidence 😉 Thanks so much for visiting my blog so that i could also find ur lovely blog..am subscribing right away 🙂 Hope to see u more often ! Have a great day ! Cheers !!

  1. Tokyo is on my list of “Must Visit” Places. I think I am going to push it way up to the top position after reading your blog. Lovely pictures. I hope to read more of your older posts soon.

    1. Hey dear am so glad u liked it this much 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by.I sure hope to hear more from u again 🙂 Nice meeting u ! Cheers !

  2. Hi Aame!
    I visited Japan last month and I went to this store which had a lot of accessories from earrings to necklaces and whatnot, I bought a very cute piglet pendent for my girlfriend and she unfortunately lost it! I was wondering if you might know which store I am talking about! It’s on the left side when you walk in!
    Would be really pleased if you knew! ^_^
    Warm Regards

    1. Hey Amit..it’s so cute of u to mention about ur girlfriend and the piglet pendant.Well there`s one store to the left as soon as we enter Takeshita Dori and there are few more shops too.It’s really hard to know which shop exactly u r talking about…would be glad if i could help anyway 🙂 🙂
      Have a great day !

      1. Ha ha! :p I knew it was a long shot! Thank you Aame for your courtesy and time! Gotta love that about the Japanese! Nice dp btw 😉
        Great day to you too 🙂

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