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Yokohama is one of the places we love to visit because of its splendid views.Its just the right place  for a perfect romantic evening watching the sunset behind the spectacular skyline or just for a casual hand in hand stroll along the waterfront.With a population of over three million people Yokohama is Japan’s second largest city. It is located less than half an hour south of Tokyo by train, and is the capital of Kanagawa Prefecture.The major attractions are the the Yokohama Chinatown,the Yamashita Park ( a public park that stretches about 750 meters along Yokohama’s waterfront), and the Osanbashi Pier (the Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal).Also the Zoorasia which we are yet to visit 🙂 🙂 But,never mind,lemme show you the rest of it !!

The Yokohama Chinatown gives a fair glimpse of China through the large number of Chinese stores and restaurants  found in its narrow and colorful streets.Four colorful gates stand at the entrances and five more gates can be found within.

Though the main attraction of the Yokohama Chinatown, is the cuisine offered at its many restaurants and food stands including popular favorites of steamed buns (manju), ramen noodles and a wide array of other Chinese dishes,but we had our lunch at a Nepali restaurant we stumbled upon on hearing Hindi songs nearby.A inside view of the restaurant..

After a satisfying lunch we continued our stroll checking silken costumes and other Chinese handicrafts.We came across the Kanteibyo, a gaudily colored temple dedicated to the Chinese god of good business and prosperity.

Then we followed the ‘windy’ direction of the streets and reached the Yokohama waterfront.The adjoining Yamashita park is about a hundred meters wide, and consists mostly of open green space. It was constructed after the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923. One of the first things we noticed is the massive ocean liner in the water beside the promenade. This ship is called the Hikawa Maru, and was first put into service in 1930 along the Yokohama-Vancouver/Seattle line and was retired after 30 yrs at sea.It had first-class cabins that attracted the likes of the Imperial family and Charlie Chaplin for the transpacific journey. It now serves as a museum, with informative displays and interiors in the style of the 1930s.

Near the Hikawa Maru, and also hard to miss, is the Yokohama Marine Tower  extending 106 meters into the air.It has an observatory with a 360 degree view, located 100 meters above ground.

That day walking along the waterfront we came across many beautiful floral exhibitions.

And then the spectacular views of the Rainbow Bridge,the distinguished skyline and the Osanbashi Pier..

The Osanbashi International Passenger Terminal, also known as Osanbashi Pier,located between Minato Mirai and Yamashita Park, is where international cruise ships dock when they visit Yokohama. The 400 meter pier has walkways and green spaces that are open to the general public, making Osanbashi Pier an interesting attraction even for travelers not boarding a ship.

After enjoying the  sunset from the pier,we then headed towards Minato Mirai, literally meaning  “harbor of the future”, a seaside urban area in central Yokohama.Amongst its many shopping complexes and other entertainments are the Sky Garden Observatory,the Red Brick Warehouse and the Cosmo World amusement park.

After going on this huge Ferris wheel that doubles up as a clock,we tried some other amusements at the Cosmo World before wrapping up this beautiful fun-filled and romantic day !


9 thoughts on “Yokohama

  1. Beautiful place it seems. So lively and colorful. Would love to visit sometime. You have captured the pics nicely. Especially I loved the way you have captured the ship.

    Thanks indeed for your visit on my blogs.


    1. U are welcome 🙂 Thank u so much Harsha for visiting my blog and sharing ur thoughts ! Hope to see u again ! Have a great day ! Cheers !

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