Universal Studios !

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This time of the year,even while in India we all think of the historic dates Aug 6th n 9th and now being here in Japan itself at this time we had to visit Hiroshima.So,though we couldnt make it on the exact date,we started for a 4 days 3nights trip to Osaka,Hiroshima n Miyajima on 9th of August.

Also,we were thrilled to be travelling by the Nozomi Shinkansen for the first time here in Japan.And as the train started gaining speed i waited for more n more but it feels quite quiet n steady in a few mins just like for flights…kinda gets boring after a while if not for the lovely countryside views !! Thats our train approaching…

Time to  have the first  look inside…. 🙂 🙂

Check out the raindrop falling in lines to the speed 😉 and the lovely refreshing countryside !!


Now, coming to our 1st destination, Osaka,it is Japan’s third largest and second most important city but what got us there was the Universal Studios !!And we had marked a full day for it !! Now, here’s the  gateway to a world of fantasy n fun n magic !!

Here’s the first peek inside after a long ticketing queue…

Now who is more cute?? I just love these Japanese children…n u too Pink Panther !! say cheeeeeeeeeseeee !!

And then we go for our first real roller coaster ride..the big big…Hollywood Dream !! As it went up very slowly to gain momentum hubby’s eyes were closed n in a flash as it came holstering down i could only hear him shreakin n shouting n whistling as i hung onto my life essentially.. :):) He Enjoyed it thoroughly n i dreaded it thoroughly !!

 phew !! time for some drink !! now, how cool is that !

Then we went forward to test ourselves against the JAWS !! The neverending n multilooping queue said it all…after a wait of 1.5 hrs we were finally set for the thrill in deep waters..And it got all so engrossing that we didnt dare to take our cameras out ! so this pic is all i have of it..

Out of the scare,we had a melon soda ice lolly to soothe me cuz i was soooooo scared u see 😉 Also,see who jumped to our rescue…..

And he took us along for a thrilling 3D ride saving the city of  many immediate dangers…and then after being good citizens we contemplated having a look at the future…but quickly dismissed racing against time….

And through all these adventures we ambled around hand in hand…making ‘brief ‘ halts at theme shops,eateries etc…We next watched the 4D Sesame Street Movie Magic whose byline goes.. “seats shake,raindrops fall and the aroma of fresh baked cookies fills the air” . It was absolutely AWESOME !!It was around 8.30pm and to wind up this magical tour we were greeted by the Magical Starlight Parade…

Though there being still much more to it..we could cover most of the attractions we wanted to and happy with this journey of  fun n magic,we decided to call it a day at the Universal Studios !!


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