Osaka !

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Having spent a wonderful day at the Universal studios yday,we started early today morning to head for the Peace Osaka Museum,also known as Osaka International Peace Centre.It documents the horrors of World War II.When we alighted the corresponding station named Morinomiya station, it seemed kinda creepy and deserted..n when we got out to the road in front of it,we still had to venture a few mts ahead till we could finally spot the Museum entry.

After taking permission for photography,we headed inside.And every picture,every document had a horrifying  story to unveil…It was all about brutality,suffering,inhumanness caused to humans by humans…most of  the exhibits highlighted the horror and pain caused by Japan’s aggression in China,Korea and Southeast Asia.The  US invasion of the Japanese island Okinawa and the horrific atom bombings were also depicted.The second floor  of the museum showcases the Osaka Air raids that destroyed much of the city and killed many of its inhabitants towards the end of the World War II. I don’t have much to put in writing, let the pictures speak for  that horrid inhuman past of mankind.

Japan and the rest of the world has been taught the lesson the hardest way ever..but have we still learnt it well enough??Juggling our way through many such questions in our baffled minds and numbed hearts,we made our way through to the adjoining Castle park.

And…Guess what?? We took this road train for the Osaka Castle and it was good fun !

Meandering through many a curves throughout the park,we finally reached the entrance of the castle..

And here’s the castle finally..

After entering the castle, it seemed more of tourism promoting things..though on a particular floor we found some interesting artefact’s and armoury etc  and we could dress up in those attires for some fee. After a view from the observatory on the top floor..on our way down,we got ourselves stamps of the Castle and headed out.Next we went to the Museum of  History and finally for a romantic view of the city from the observatory at the  Umeda Sky Building. It was lovely out there in the night with the floor of the observatory deck dazzling with mini  stars n hearts…and the million city lights below..We also got ourselves a heart locker with our names n date  embedded.. 🙂 🙂 And finally,we wrapped up the day with a picture perfect of us in a big heart frame !!


a flash of ur thought...a flash of my smile .. :) :)

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