Kinugawa Onsen

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For our 2nd anniversary and the first one in Japan,we went for a two day trip to Nikko and Kinugawa Onsen ! And I tell u,it was just so amazing and there’s so much to it that I would have to post about these two places separately.The first day of the trip,we went to Kinugawa Onsen, a popular hot spring resort town along the Kinugawa River in Tochigi Prefecture,located about 130 kilometers north of Tokyo.The town is centered around the large hotel ryokan (Japanese style inns) lining the riverbank, and offers many amusements such as the Tobu World Square and Nikko Edomura theme parks in addition to its hot spring baths.

After arriving at the Kinugawa Onsen station,we took the bus for the Tobu World Square,which is a theme park  that exhibits 1/25th scale replicas of famous buildings from around the world !! The models include ancient monuments, cultural treasures and UNESCO World Heritage Sites which are reproduced with great detail all the way down to cars, trains and as many as 140,000 miniature people of 1/25 size with no two people alike 🙂 , and gardens that change with the seasons created by 20,000 real bonsai trees.The park is divided into zones based on regions of the world as the Japan Zone,the Asia Zone,the Europe Zone,the Egypt Zone,the America Zone and the modern Japan Zone.Wow !! So,all set for the world tour?? Here we go…


Tokyo Dome

Yoyogi National Stadium,built for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics
Narita Airport,Terminal 2
Tokyo Tower


The Taj Mahal, India
Yungang Buddhist Caves,China
The Great Wall of China
The Forbidden City,China
The Temple of Heaven,China
The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas in Kaohsiung,Taiwan


The Parthenon,Greece
St.Peter's Basilica
The Roman Colosseum
The Fountain Palace of Peter the Great, Russia
St.Vasilie Church,Russia
The Buckingham palace,London
Vatican City
Leaning Tower of Pisa
The Eiffel Tower
The Tower Bridge,London


The Pyramid of Menkaure,Giza
The Great Sphinx
The Great Temple of Abu Simbel


The Statue of Liberty
The Iron Building
The White House


Horyu-ji Temple
Himeji Castle
Shureimon Gate

After spending about 3 hrs at this amazing park,we went for the the Kudari River Cruise,a rafting ride down Kinugawa River in flat bottomed, wooden boats. The cruise lasted about 40 minutes as we  traveled  through mostly undeveloped stretches of the river, passing rock formations along the way.Shoes were removed on board of the boats.

We disembarked at the other side of the river,and the boatmen were kind enough to drop us near the Nikko Edomura theme park and the Grand Maze Palladium.As we were close to the closing time of Nikko Edomura theme park and we were more interested for the Grand Maze so we went for the latter.The Grand Maze Palladium is a large fence maze located just across the way from Nikko Edomura. To complete this challenging labyrinth we had to stamp a card at each of the four towers, one at each corner of the maze, and then find the exit. It took  just about an hour  for us to complete  it.And it actually was very very confusing !!!!And there on we headed back to the comforts of our room.


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    1. Thanks Frizztext 🙂 It’s really like a whole world tour just being at Tobu World Square ! Glad u liked it too and so nice to hear from u after long !
      Have a great day !

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