Disneyland !!

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Disneyland !! The word itself makes our hearts leap with joy 🙂 We were so very excited to visit it and that too on Valentine’s Day ! Disneyland..the world inside is more of a vast visual experience than a literary one.One needs to be there…amidst the playing children all around…their shrieks of joy…the amazing colors…the carefree atmosphere…the hugeness and magic of it all…to be able to  seep it in through all our senses..It’s a place where u can actually forget the worries of the world and relish a day in Happyland ! Once inside we got too busy with all the fun and frolic to note down any particular details…but still i guess  even these few captured moments  can provide a glimpse into this World of Magic !! The attractions we enjoyed the most were “It’s a small world”,”Peter Pan’s Flight” [these two being  indoor rides , proper snaps were not possible], “Big Thunder Mountain” , “The Jubilation Day Parade”,  and “The Electrical Parade Dreamlights” .”The Pirates of Caribbean” and “Splash Mountain” were not available that day but are quite recommended.

And for more details please visit the official website of Tokyo Disneyland here.

So now, lets start the day  !!!!!!!


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